Nexus 5 Logo Modification – Cost of mod? 79p

Well guys if you own a Nexus 5 you may have found your logo’s letters starting to peel. Mine did, but only on the X so far.  I thought it looked ugly and the gap was getting clogged up with pocket gunk and such so I needed a solution.  It ended up looking like this:

Nexus 5 Logo Modification

Oooh, pretty!

My father is a jeweller and engraver and has done everything from rings and watches through to trophies and medals.  He has a technique of using white engravers wax on black plinths to get the text to stand out.  We engraved some wall clocks in a similar way with blue wax and the end result was fantastic.  I couldn’t resist.

I started off with a blue and silver wax stick and filled the gaps simply by running over them and then cleaning off the excess wax using a Kleenex tissue and some Zippo lighter fluid.  I pocket tested this for a week and it was fine; nothing was coming off.

I then was walking past a Sainsbury’s aisle where I saw 5 thick crayons selling for 79p.
Great, they had all the colours plus orange for good measure!

I replaced the silver portion with the green and though the wax was harder it eventually worked fine and I tested this for a week.  Nothing came out; excellent!

Then I got the rest of the equipment back out to finish the job:

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

So, was it a success? Well, it withstood about two weeks in my pockets before some bits got scraped off, but the majority is still there.

The next step would be to reapply the crayon wax again and try coating with the wife’s clear nail polish, to avoid it scraping off again.  If this happens I will test again and report back.

I’ve had a lot of people wonder how it would look on the black Nexus and I think it would look great, but your mileage may vary with cleaning the excess off the black rubberised back.  Any reports of successes here would be excellent to see in the comments!


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