Mo Bros!

Hello all!  In my absence from the world of Movember this year, I’d like to share here some links to friends of mine participating in this fantastic cause… Get them some donations, share, re-tweet, whatever, just plain check out their efforts!

Firstly, Luay Charmokly:

Luay's Mo

Luay Luay… Ohhh Noo… Me Gotta Go! Aye-yi-yi-yi!

Next up is the wonderful Monty Pannu’s beastly Tash:

Monty's Tash

Monty’s hairy python!

Support these Mo Bros! DO IT!


Something I’ve been doing for a while… Movember and more!

So, I’d like to firstly say well done to all the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas on this year’s Movember campaign!  I have done this for the past three years and you can catch some highlights here. Below are some of my efforts:

Movember 2009

The first year, 2009, with Dave Ananas, our trusty pineapple!

Movember 2010 - Week 3

Needed some professional help with this one!

This year, I have been doing something totally different.  This year I had my stag, a little early as I’m not tying the knot until next year July, but Oktoberfest only happens once a year!

I was participating in the Ramshackle Rally to Munich this year, raising money for St. Luke’s Hospice.  The story behind what I’ve done is here on my JustGiving page.

It’s been a great time with a lot of fun and hard work along the way.  The rally itself was fantastic and an experience to remember.

The premise is simple: Buy a £200 or less car, modify it to make it cool or fit a theme and then drive for 1,500 miles (though ours ended up being 1,800 partly due to an accidental detour through Switzerland).

The route was just incredible.  Dover to Calais for the first night.
Kick off 08:00 from Calais for a long stint to the stunning, romantic Annecy (take your other half there people!).

Where can you go from Annecy?  Do what we did – go straight through Mont Blanc into Italy.  After an overnight stay in the gorgeous town of Bormio, we headed through the Stelvio Pass for some planking, exceptional driving and the ability to say “I did that road Top Gear talked about!”
This took us into Innsbruck where we were met with an old town with immense charm.

The next day we stayed in Austria to tackle it’s fantastic Großglockner mountain, again with a fantastic pass, and a view to outshine what we saw from Stelvio.  This led us into a stretch to Slovenia where we had a particularly fun night and heavy party in Ljubljana with the epic organisers of the Ramshackle Rally.  It was a night of heavy rain but you could still tell this was an impressive city with a lot lot offer.

Finally the next day we drove on to Lake Bled to take in what is a spectacular view and finally up to Munich, via Austria again, to meet for a few days at Oktoberfest.  Some stopped in Salzburg, but by the end of it Team Get Duffed didn’t have the energy.

Munich resulted in a massive party, all dressed in costume, drinking, eating brilliant food and challenges such as mass planking and the Cinnamon Challenge.  There was also an element of streaking which took a lot of the lads by surprise (and a couple of the lady-folk).

The header image of this blog is a picture I took along my travels and you can see more of those here at my Picasaweb.

I strongly suggest doing something like Ramshackle Rally once in your lifetime.
Other things I have been tempted by include The Rickshaw Run and all of these present great fund-raising opportunities for good causes.

In the coming years I wish to do some work for The Stroke Association and Alzheimer’s Society, so all fund-raising ideas are welcome!

In the meantime, here are a couple of shots from my travels through Europe:

Annecy - Get Duffed at Ramshackle

The beauty of Annecy at night

The Duffmobile

The Duffmobile in the clouds atop the Stelvio Pass

King of the World

King of the World – from the top of the Großglockner Mountain

Lake Bled

Lake Bled – The beauty of Slovenia